As the days get longer and the seasons change, everyone in the Indian community knows what that means……..Wedding season is coming! One of the most important part of Indian weddings besides the good food, dancing and outfits is the jewelry! There are so many great vendors out there who sell some amazing jewelry, however, Jaz and I have not bought jewelry from every vendor but hopefully🀞🏼one day we will! Below is a list of vendors we ❀️

1. Ek Noor Fashions

I have ordered from Ek Noor twice and both times I have had the best experience! Jasmeet is the kindest person to work with, not only does she wrap the jewelry so perfectly, she makes sure you get the jewelry in a timely manner. Ek Noor has beauty high quality jewelry and she is now selling Indian suits as well! I even saw some gotta jewelry that I might be ordering next 😜.

– N

2. India Trend


Want jewelry straight from India? India Trend is the way to go! They have such a wide variety of jewelry from different types of necklace sets to different styles of headpieces and the list goes on and on. I’ve recently purchased earning from them and I was happy with the quality of the product! You can check out theirΒ InstagramΒ andΒ Website, you will be so happy you did!


I have ordered from Indiatrend and didn’t have any problems with ordering! It’s really simple and they have pics of different people wearing the jewelry so you get to see what it looks like…I like to see how it looks on others before I commit as I am very picky with purchasing jewelry. The best part is that they always have some sort of discount going on! Who wouldn’t want a discount on Indian jewelry?!


3. Bangle Box


If you have not heard about Bangle Box, what are you doing with your life?? Just kidding, Bangle Box is a subscription club in which you receive a box filled with Indian goodies! These goodies can range from necklace sets to bindi and sometimes even parandis (I hope I spelled that right lol). Did I also mention that the box only cost $29.95 a month?? Yes only $29.95! It’s such a great deal for jewelry! I ordered their December box and I’m in love with the kundan set! Though I did think they would of added some bindis or another item instead of just a set and one of little kundan gem has came out of the necklace. But overall, I would order from them again! You can check out theirΒ WebsiteΒ andΒ InstagramΒ for more information!


I have gotten a couple of boxes with them and most of them have been good..however some are not my type and I like that you can “skip the month” and opt out of receiving the featured box. I agree with N above and totally think that they should have included something else with the December month. Also, they have great customer service! Always help me with whatever I need and always help without any hesitation!



These are some of our favorite vendors when it comes to buying jewelry. Let us know what you think about them and other vendors you want us to review! Thank you for reading.


J & N


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