Fab Fabrics for Fantastic Fashion

As promised, here is the post on the many fabrics I have bought for suits.
For my non-Indian followers, a suit is essentially a three piece outfit we wear for any Indian function, whether it is a trip to the gurdwara or a wedding. It consists of a long kameez (shirt), salwar (bottoms), and chunni/dupatta (a scarf). However, this is just one type of Indian outfit. We have countless others ranging from skirts, to dresses but still containing the three pieces.


My faves are suits and anarkalis (long dresses ranging in length). I also like lenghas too! A lengha is literally a ball gown skirt with a crop top and chunni/dupatta. Yup, you guessed it! Indians have been rocking the “two piece prom dress” look since the beginning of time! Heck, I’d even say we invented it but I’d probably be wrong..🀣
Lately, I have been obsessed with simple pieces with fancier dupattas. TBH, fancier embroidered fabrics just irritate my skin. I have always adored simplistic pieces because I love to play around with different looks using makeup and accessories! I’ll wear heavier earrings with a smoky makeup look if I’m attending a reception. I don’t normally wear a tikka, but I love banga and bindis.


So you’re probably thinking, where does J get her fabrics from? Well, that’s what I’m going to tell you right now! There are two places I have been getting fabrics and they are both located in Turlock.
The first place is Joann Fabric Store. Joann is an American fabric store and they have the cutest fabrics! I have gotten quite a bit of fabric from there! I bought some silky and sequins fabric! The silky fabric is a polyester blend and the sequins fabric is just net/tulle with sequins! As I mentioned earlier, I have been obsessed with floral which is a great print for spring and summer! I bought 2 pieces of floral fabric in the silky category (both pink) and another two pieces of fabric (black/gold and beige/black) from the sequins category!

Another great thing about this store is that they have great coupons! I have gotten all my fabrics for less than half the price listed on the tags! Now that’s what I like to call a bargain! 😁
The second store I’ve frequented is Amar’s Fashion located in Turlock. The owner carries various amounts of fabrics. Like any Indian store, you can chose from unstitched, readymade, and loose fabrics. I usually stay away from readymade suits as the fitting never works for me. There are only so many times a piece can be altered before it starts to look horrible. The unstitched suits usually don’t appeal to my “designer” eye. I like to create my own pieces that fit my personality and style. From Amar’s Fashion, I have bought one unstitched suit and four pieces of loose fabric. Another suit that was gifted to me was loose fabric which I turned into a kameez and paired with a matching pajami.

But now it’s time to get real about Amar’s Fashion. I used to really like going to this store since it’s close by and the owner had treated me as family. Lately though, the female owner has been downright rude and disrespectful the last few times I have gone to her. You all might be wondering why…weIl let me tell you why! So as some of you may know, I got surgery on my foot and it can be a pain sometimes. As an owner of a business, you should be able to take fabric and get it stitched in a timely manner and perfectly on the first go. I shouldn’t have to constantly be told to go back to the shop to get alterations done. After complaining about this with a few close friends and family, I understand where the owner may be coming from if she can’t get something done on time or on the first try. Sometimes it’s not possible to make the alterations done right away but one should not have to go back more than once for one suit. Don’t get me wrong here because I’m not trying to bash her or anything, but I do not like to be talked to in a rude manner especially if I am spending quite a bit of money there.

The final place I have ordered suits from isΒ Heer Boutique which is based out of Bakersfield. I only dealt with her through Instagram and she is the nicest person ever! She responded with respect and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I gave her my designs I had created and she created them with perfection while sticking to the budget I gave her. I definitely do recommend her if you are looking for a person to create your designs while treating you with respect and honesty. πŸ’– I loved working with her and will continue to do so for all my suit needs! She is beyond sweet and kind!
Speaking from my personal experiences, I love shopping at Joann’s and with Heer Boutique. However, I will not be going back to Amar’s Fashion due to my last couple of experiences with her.
For the month of March, I have four weddings to attend and will post pictures of the suits I have designed/created below! In the pictures, I paired the pieces with jewelry because I was feeling extra 😜
Thanks for reading!



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