5 Tips and Tricks For Indian Parties

Hey guys!! I hope you all have been doing well and for those of you currently on spring break, I hope you all having fun! So as you guys know it’s officially spring! 🌷🌹🌺🌸🌻🌼As a brown kid, spring time normally means wedding season is here (just as J, she has a million weddings to go to). Now for of my brown girls, there are so many issues we face when it comes to getting ready for a party/wedding and the last thing we want to worry about is our tikka constantly moving around or our lipstick coming off causing us to reapply it a billon times. However, your girl N is here to save the day! Here’s 5 tips and tricks to make sure you slay any party or wedding you’re going to!


1. When I Move, My Tikka Moves
One the worst feelings (or at least for me) is when my tikka is constantly moving! I just cannot deal with it moving from one side to another. For this trick there are two solutions and both of them work fine. First one (the one I use most) use nail glue. My favorite type of nail glue to us is the Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue.Β I find this to be super easy and effective because 1) it dries super fast 2) your tikka stays stuck to your forehead. What you do is apply the nail glue around the edges of your tikka and hold it on to your forehead for 10 seconds and you’re set! The second way is to use eyelash glue, and personally this hasn’t worked well for me but I’ve heard from multiple people that it works. You would apply it the same way as the nail glue but you would want it to dry for a little and become tacky before you hold it down on your forehead. Using both of these methods will help to keep your tikka in place! And pleasseeeeeeeeee DO NOT PUT GLUE ON THE PART OF THE TIKKA THAT WILL BE IN YOUR HAIR!


2. I Just Ate My Lipstick! πŸ’„πŸ˜₯
Haven’t we all been through this? (Please say yes so I don’t feel like the only one lol). Yes I probably spent hours doing my makeup and yes my lipstick is probably expensive, but am I going to be careful when I’m eat my samose or pakore? Lol NOPE! I’m a foodie, I love my food! So you can guess by the time I’m done stuffing my face, my lipstick is non existent πŸ˜ͺ. If you’re like me, we’ll then have no fear! I have the solution! Let me tell you, this is probably the most easiest thing you can ever do. You wanna know? PRIME YOUR LIPS!! Some of you are probably confused and like this girl uses a lip primer? And the answer is no I do not use a lip primer but I do use my beauty blender or foundation brush and use leftover foundation on my lips. Sounds weird right? But it makes a world of a difference! By apply foundation on your lips your able to get rid of any discoloration on your lips as well as create a base for any lipstick you want to apply. It also makes the color of the lipstick more vibrant! If you don’t believe me, definitely try it out and let me know!


3. Glitter Bangles = Glitter All Over Me
We all have that favorite set of bangles that is cover with glitter and sprinkles glitter all over the place. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glittery bangles but I don’t want to have random pieces of glitter all over me (it looks weird in pictures) and when I’m at a party or wedding, I’m not trying to leave a trail of glitter behind. There is a simple trick help keep all that glitter on your bangles and not your face, hairspray that ish girl!! Hairspray acts kind of like an adhesive and helps the glitter to stay on the bangles rather than all over you and you won’t be leaving a glitter pile that will let people know that you were there!


4. I Can’t Feel My Ears When I’m Wearing My Earrings 😭😭😭
I know for sure that I am no alone on this! Those desi earnings, especially kundan ones are so heavy! Not only that sometimes my ears bleed because of how heavy these earrings areπŸ˜₯. The last thing I want to worry about at any party/wedding is how much my ears are suffering. Once again, I have a solution to help make them a bit less painful! One thing that I learned from my sister is to coat the part of the earring that is going to go in your ear with clear nail polish! I normally do this a night before an event and my ears do not hurt as much! You can even do this a few hours before an event. By doing this you create a kind of barrier to protect your ears from getting irritated by your earnings.


5. Those Armpit Stains Though
Let’s be real, no armpit stain has ever been considered cute. Especially when you’re tearing the dance floor with your amazing Bhangra skills and when you raise your arms up and there’s a discoloration in your suit around your armpits. Now, I don’t have a solution to help control how much you sweat, I do have a sort of hack to make sure you don’t have sweat stains on your suit and this hack involves panty liners! You want to start off by turning your suit inside out, and cut the panty liner in half. Then you want to place it where you sweat which would be around/under the arm holes. Using the panty liners will help to absorb any type of armpit sweat that may occur! Another thing you guys can do is apply deodorant and after a minute or two apply some baby powder (this trick mostly works for those who do not sweat as much as others).


Well here you guys go! Here’s my top 5 tips and tricks to help slay any party/wedding any of y’all will be attending this wedding season! Let me know if you guys will want a part 2 of this post! And make sure to show some love to J’s post! She wrote an amazing post all about fabrics!

Thank you for reading!



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