IISuperwomanII X Racism

Before we get into this topic, I thought long and hard if I wanted to address this issue but at the same time as a brown woman, this is an important issue to address.

So recently IISuperwomanII aka Lilly Singh created a video that addressed one of her many hateful racist comments. Now if any of you guys have not seen this video, first of all what are you doing with your life?! Lol just kidding! You can check out the videoΒ here. Hopefully those who didn’t watch it have not seen it, so let’s carry on!

There has been a huge deal made about this video that criticizes her approach or her quality of the video but it does little to nothing to address the issue Lilly brings up which is racism. What Lilly does is address this issue in a satirical manner that is funny and informative for those who don’t know the difference between Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

Now you would assume response videos would come to support and tackle the issue of racism, however, it’s clear that many content creators put her name in the title for the views and attacked her for speaking the truth. You could literally go on YouTube and see videos bashing the way she said Pakistan or videos tell her to suck it up and that one racist comment isn’t going to kill her. Well did these content creators once think that maybe, just maybe she gets thousands of racist comments on her videos on a daily basis? Or that maybe she was not going to let narrow minded people continue to think it’s okay to spread this kind of hate?

Racism does exist in today’s society, the only difference is that it’s not as pronounced as before and with social media people are able to hide behind a computer/telephone screen and write racist comments while hiding their identities. For those who like to believe that racism doesn’t exist, well please explain the motives behind hate crimes or why people think it’s okay to rip off a man’s turban or use racial slurs.

Racism is a nasty thing especially in such a multicultural society that we have in America. If anything Lilly proves how much racism gets ignored when it’s brought to the spotlight.Β While she was not playing victim or acting like this comment was emotionally or mentally upsetting her, the response videos portrays her as if she was.

Personally I have dealt with racism and I’m sure that many of my fellow brown brothers and sisters can say the same. Many South Asian Americans especially Sikhs and Muslims have been attacked and killed because of the narrow minds who see a man in a turban or a woman wearing a salwar kameez (Indian dress) and instantly think terrorist. It has even gotten to the point where people attack places of worship.

At the end of the day we are all human beings and our skin color and appearances should not be reasons for racism. I’m so proud of Lilly for using her YouTube channel to address these types of issues. I mean you can only expect great things from the momma unicorn πŸ¦„Β  that tries to spread love for all on a daily basis.Β We all have our different opinions about this topic so feel free to leave your comments below and please be kind about it.

See y’all in the next blog post!




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